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Welches sind die besten interaktiven Funktionen für ein verstärktes Engagement in einer virtuellen Plattform?

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Hoyin Cheung

5 mins



April 23, 2024

Interactive features on a virtual platform can help boost attendee engagement

Interactive features are at the heart of a successful virtual event. They are powerful tools used to transform passive audiences into active participants. In the realm of virtual events, where the battle for audience attention is constant, interactivity becomes crucial. By integrating interactive features, virtual event platforms can turn a standard viewing experience into an immersive and dynamic participation opportunity. This section will explore the best interactive features out there that can elevate your virtual event, ensuring it's not just seen, but truly experienced and remembered.


1. Maximize Engagement with Live Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys in Virtual Events

Live polls, quizzes, and surveys are essential for interactive engagement in virtual events. They provide real-time feedback, keeping attendees actively involved. 

In a top virtual event platform, like Remo, you have the flexibility to choose from polls, quizzes, and surveys. Use polls at the beginning to understand your audience and spark initial engagement. Mid-event, or after some content has been shared, use quizzes to see how much your attendees remember. Post-event, launch surveys to collect valuable feedback from attendees.

Also, ensure your event platform offers the ability to export your poll, quiz, or survey results. Analyzing these will help you better understand attendee behavior and preferences. Not to mention, they’ll be important to measure this event’s success.

2. Elevate Audience Interaction with Dynamic Q&A Capabilities

We all know Q&A sessions are an important part of interactive virtual events. They transform presentations or panel discussions from one-way broadcasts into engaging two-way conversations.

When evaluating a virtual platform’s Q&A feature, look out for the ability to ask anonymously and upvote questions. Anonymity boosts participation by eliminating the pressure attendees may feel about asking questions publicly. Similarly, upvoting lets attendees tell you or the speaker which questions they are most interested in. Both of these aspects are exclusive to virtual events and significantly enhance the audience's engagement and interaction with your event.

Finally, the Q&A capability should allow for organizers to host moderated Q&A sessions within their event. This means allowing organizers to view questions sorted by votes, highlight questions currently being answered, and remove them once answered. This leads to a smooth and effective Q&A session for attendees and organizers alike.

3. Boost Attendee Participation through Live Chat and Chat Rooms

Chat rooms and live chat are key for attendee interaction, as it offers a space for ongoing discussion and connection for attendees. Without it, attendees can feel isolated and bored, increasing the likelihood of getting distracted.

The best virtual event platforms, like Remo, will offer different types of chat. The most common types are an event-level chat, where all attendees are in one group chat to discuss and share information, and private chat, a 1-1 conversation with another attendee. While these are most common, ideally you want an events platform that offers more options as well. For example, room-specific chats, which allow interaction within breakout rooms, or host chats, a dedicated channel for organizers to coordinate the event.

Beyond the variety of chat options, the ability to moderate them is also important. Effective moderation ensures that chat interactions stay positive and respectful. This can include the ability to remove messages, block users, or prevent bulk messaging. Nothing will bring down attendee participation and satisfaction as fast as disruptive or negative chat messages.

4. Getting Instant Feedback with Virtual Hand Raising and Reaction Emojis

Virtual hand raising and emoji reactions drive active participation, providing speakers with instant audience feedback. This is invaluable to speakers as they can tailor or adjust their presentations on the fly – for example, a wave of virtual hand raises can indicate a need for deeper exploration of that part, while a burst of laugh emojis shows high audience engagement, encouraging the speaker to keep up the momentum.

Most virtual event platforms enable virtual hand raising, but its ultimate use depends on event context. For instance, during presentations, it can signal a question, whereas in networking sessions, it might indicate a need for assistance. Whatever the context, virtual hand raising is a simple yet effective way to give attendees a voice at the event.

Similarly, emoji reactions also enhance attendee visibility but add more fun to the event as well. They also mimic physical human reactions, like a clap or a confused face, making the event feel more natural even in a virtual setting. In some event platforms, you may even be able to swap the standard reactions with unique, themed expressions based on your brand or event. For example, if you were hosting a virtual corporate retreat, you may opt for this set of emoji reactions instead: 🥥🍹🌴🏖️🩴

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5. Fully Immerse Attendees by Bringing them onto the Virtual Stage

Attendee engagement is crucial for online event success, yet achieving it can be challenging, particularly during presentations, where passive listening is so common. One feature that helps organizers do this is the ability to invite your attendees to share the stage with presenters.

This feature transforms attendees from passive listeners to active contributors. For instance, during Q&A sessions, instead of typing questions guests can ask questions directly onstage, just like at a physical event. Alternatively, a creative use of this feature is in activities like virtual scavenger hunts, where attendees can come onstage to showcase their finds. 

Allowing attendees to join the stage when invited can significantly enhance engagement, by making attendees feel like an integral part of the event. It also encourages more active participation.

6. Use a Virtual Conference Platform with Avatars for Personalization

Customizable avatars or profiles give attendees a distinct virtual identity in online events. This personal touch often increases their likelihood of engagement and participation within the event. Attendees can also feel a sense of ownership over their profiles, making them more eager to attend your event.

These profiles are not just identifiers; they act as virtual business cards. They make networking efficient by letting attendees learn about others even before interacting. This feature is especially helpful for networking events, where the main goal is for attendees to meet new people.

The nature of avatar customization varies across virtual event platforms. Avatar-based platforms offer playful, game-like options, where attendees can dress up their avatars from head to toe. Remo's Virtual Event Platform, on the other hand, take a more subtle approach and allow for image or GIF uploads, adding fun without overwhelming attendees.

7. Foster Deeper Attendee Connections with Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are powerful tools for small group or one-on-one discussions. They allow attendees to engage in more focused and personal dialogues, increasing the chances of genuine connections made.

Top virtual event platforms allow for various breakout room sizes, allowing organizers to tailor spaces to their event’s format and needs. For example, a speed networking event on Remo's Virtual Event Platform can have both multiple 2-person rooms and 4-person rooms. Or, a virtual poster presentation could have several 8-10 person rooms with a few 2-person tables. We’ve found the ideal breakout room size is between 6-8 people, as it strikes a perfect balance between chances for contribution and diverse perspectives.

It is also important to note the level of control over breakout rooms an online event platform provides. From automatic assignment or manual grouping to free attendee movement, you must consider what best matches your event goal and attendee preferences.

8. Amplify Event Atmosphere with Audio Reactions in Virtual Presentations

Advancements in technology are blurring the lines between virtual and physical events. Virtual platforms are finding innovative ways to recreate experiences online that were historically exclusive to physical gatherings. A great example of this is Sound Effects (or Audio Reactions). 

Event platforms like Remo are pioneering this trend by integrating audio reactions online. With this feature, attendees can experience the thrill of live applause or the excitement of a drumroll, shifting from isolation to immersion. They also energize speakers, who thrive on hearing real-time audience reactions, just like a physical event’s buzzing atmosphere.

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Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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