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April 11, 2024


As event organizers, we understand that the final applause at the 'end' of a virtual event is merely the beginning of a new phase. Recognizing that your virtual event's value extends far beyond its live duration is essential. In our previous sections, we discussed two post-event strategies – analyzing key metrics and sending virtual event surveys. Now, we introduce a third critical element to your post-event strategy: Repurposing Content.

Repurposing content is about finding new ways to use and share your event's existing materials, such as videos or presentations. This often overlooked strategy plays a pivotal role in maximizing the value of an event beyond its runtime. Beyond just your event, it’s also a great way to get more bang for your marketing buck. Instead of letting your great event content gather dust on a hard drive, repackage it into blog posts, short-form videos, social media posts, and more. You’ll be putting the content to good use, speeding up content production, and ensuring a cohesive overall marketing strategy.

In this article we will explore 6 creative yet practical ways you can master the art of repurposing your event content. So, let's dive into the world of content repurposing!

1. Create Bite-Size Social Media Gold

Short-form social content is a dynamic way to repurpose your virtual event material. It involves taking impactful highlights from presentations or discussions and transforming them into bite-size, shareable pieces tailored for social media. These bite-sized pieces of content not only extend the life of your event but also help you build brand awareness through social media – a win-win!

Real-world examples include:

  • Infographics: Create eye-catching infographics featuring memorable speaker quotes or statistics from your event.
  • Social Media Posts: Turn key takeaways from a presentation or panel discussion into an engaging Linkedin post (or a series of posts).
  • Video Reels or Posts: Generate social media reels or stories that offer a glimpse into your event’s best moments.

2. Write A Highly Attractive Blog Post

Repurposing event content into a blog post streamlines the content production process and provides valuable material. Instead of investing substantial time and effort in crafting blog posts from scratch, this strategy offers a quick solution. They also act as another resource to share with leads and customers, making it an efficient way to expand your reach with minimal extra effort.

Real-world examples include:

  • Topical Blog Post: Convert the transcript of a presentation or discussion into a detailed blog post, complete with additional or deeper insights.
  • Speaker Interview: Create individual blog posts for each speaker or panelist, highlighting their expertise, background, and key insights they shared during the event.
  • Event Recap Post: Write a comprehensive event recap blog post that highlights the key takeaways, memorable moments, and major highlights of your virtual event.

Remo Tip: To fully maximize on the SEO potential, consider embedding the presentation’s video recording within the blog post, since you’ve got it handy!

3. Make Audio Waves With A Podcast Episode

Turn event content into podcasts for a wider reach and varied content delivery. Podcasts are so popular now because they offer convenience, allowing for flexible, on-the-go listening. Repurposing your event content into podcasts ensures your audience can engage on their own schedule, extending your event’s value.

Real-world examples include:

  • Presentation Q&A's: Q&A sessions often contain the in-depth discussions and insights that attendees really care about.
  • Panel Discussions: These conversation-based sessions lend well to podcast formats, making them an easy yet valuable session to repurpose.
  • Exclusive Follow-up Interviews: Interview event speakers or attendees, covering cluster topics related to your event's theme for fresh content that excited your attendees. 

4. Build An On-Demand Video Library

Transform your event videos into a dynamic video content library - it's like having a treasure chest of valuable video content at your fingertips! By organizing your videos, you'll keep the engagement going long after the event's ended. Not to mention, with your videos online, you’re positively contributing to your SEO, ensuring your content shines brightly in search results!

Real-world examples include:

  • Presentation Recordings: Gather all your presentation recordings in a public video library that you can share with attendees or leads, as part of post-event communication, nurture campaigns, or community efforts.
  • Highlight Reel: Compile the best moments from your event into a video highlight reel, which can serve as a powerful marketing tool for promoting future events.
  • Attendee Testimonials: Record your attendees sharing positive feedback about their event experience, for effective post-event and pre-event marketing.

5. Team Up With Sales and Marketing To Nurture Leads

Collaborate with your sales and marketing teams to repurpose event content into lead nurture campaigns. This positions your organization as an industry expert while effectively engaging potential leads with valuable insights. All of which builds trust and credibility to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Real-world examples include:

  • Blog Posts from Transcripts: In your reachout, link out to informative blog posts you’ve created from the event content, offering your leads valuable content while showcasing your event's expertise.
  • Attendee Testimonials and Event Recaps: Share video testimonials and event recaps with leads to encourage them to attend future events, helping push them further down the marketing funnel.
  • Infographics for Key Takeaways: Create visually appealing infographics summarizing key event takeaways or insightful quotes from speakers to capture leads' attention and deliver bite-sized insights through nurture campaigns.

6. Post-Event Emails

Perhaps the simplest but most important strategy. Embed your event content in post-event emails, newsletters, and social media updates to keep attendees engaged and informed. This strategy maintains attendee interest and boosts participation in future events while showcasing your industry expertise. You can find out more about post-event communication in this blog post though.

Real-world examples include:

  • Missed Event Recordings: Share video recordings of presentations with attendees who missed the live event, so they too can gain the valuable insights they missed.
  • Networking Recap: Share a personalized summary of all the new connections each attendee made at the event, fostering ongoing attendee-attendee relationships.
  • Event Highlights: Create short video clips or summary blogs highlighting the most  memorable event moments, to engage attendees and build excitement for future events.

There we go – 6 ways to repurpose your event content for maximum impact. Take a look at our best practices for repurposing event content for maximum value and engagement.


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