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How businesses used Remo successfully

Networking Webinars

When our group coaching programs and membership calls became too mundane with just Zoom, we looked for a solution that would make them more engaging.

Remo has transformed our virtual events into interactive experiences.

From happy hours to guest expert calls, Remo has provided a fun and innovative way to connect with our community beyond Zoom meetings.

Brittany Dixon - Brittany & Co.

Trainings & Workshops

Remo provided an innovative solution that allowed us to organize workshops, socialize, and learn together in a fun and interactive way.

Our members love the experience that Remo offers and it has become an essential tool for our community to come together and connect virtually.

Kim Gray - My First Coaching Client

Conferences & Summits

Remo enabled us to design immersive experiences rather than just events, encompassing networking opportunities, interactive sessions, seamless stage transitions, and intimate group discussions.

Julia Linehan - The Digital Voice

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