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Was ist ein Online Social Matching Event?

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19. Januar 2024


Was ist ein Online Social Matching Event?

It’s no secret that a world that largely adopts remote-first principles can be lonely. It is for this reason that new and innovative ways of bringing people together to connect, mingle, and form relationships are on the rise. Online social matching events are meant to bring people together to make connections and walk away with leads. These events are becoming increasingly more popular as professionals yearn to make connections in a remote-first landscape. In this article, we’ll teach you what an online social matching event is, outline why they are becoming increasingly more important, and teach you how to host a successful social matching event.

What is an online social matching event?

Matchmaking describes the process of bringing two or more people together in an organized way. While you may have heard the term matchmaking as it relates to dating, it’s important to note that the term translates to more than just romantic connections. Online social matching events can also be used to network and make professional connections. Online social matching events or matchmaking events pose an excellent opportunity to network and form professional relationships.

Participants attend a matching event for one reason and one reason only, to form connections and walk away with leads. When facilitating an online social matching or matchmaking event, it’s your responsibility to act as the matchmaker by making sure attendees have a positive networking experience that leads to social connections.  This means bringing the right people together at the right time, in the right environment.

The world of online events is saturated which is why it’s important to host an engaging event with a competitive edge. In order to host a successful online social matching event, you must source people that are eager to make connections, leverage appropriate technology that empowers attendees to network and connect, and provide value to all attendees.

Why are virtual matching events becoming more important?

Virtual matching or matchmaking events have recently become very popular among event organizers, largely because the world has begun to adopt remote-first principles and networking virtually is more inclusive and convenient when compared to in-person gatherings. Emerging software solutions have made it easier than ever to host engaging online social matching events that yield high results for participants. Matchmaking software and online connections platforms make it easier than ever to connect the right people at the right time, in the right environment.

How to host a successful social matching event:

Step 1: Plan and prepare your social matching event

Planning is the first step towards hosting a successful online social matching event. In addition to facilitating the basics, like confirming the registration for the event and noting the date and time in your calendar, it’s important to do prior research and choose the best tools and resources for your event. You can discover which tool is best for your social matching event by browsing various websites and diving into platform features and specifics in tutorial videos. After you’ve selected which match making and video conferencing tools you will be using, it’s time to get to work on setting your goals and determining your objective for the event.

Step 2: Entice attendees and market your event

Increasing visibility around your event is a must, especially if you want to have a good turn out. If you don’t market your online social matching event on the right channels, potential attendees won’t be able to find you or sign-up for your event. For this reason, it’s important to create a consistent marketing campaign across multiple mediums that serve as an adequate representation of your brand and event.  

Marketing efforts should clearly depict what the event is, how to sign-up, and what attendees will gain by attending. It’s important to let potential attendees know what makes your online social matching event different and what they will gain by attending.

Step 3: Prepare your pitch and know your target buyer

In order to market your event and nail down sign-ups, you must perfect your pitch. Getting to know your prospective buyers and understanding their needs and interests will help you craft the perfect pitch that converts to sign-ups.

Step 4: Update your website and capture leads

After your goals have been defined and you have worked on marketing your event, it’s important to ensure your website and lead generator is up to date. This means making sure your website has any and all information pertaining to the event as well as a form where potential attendees can sign-up, submit questions, and source relevant information.

After you’ve begun marketing your event and completed your website, you can get to work on sending out invites. It’s important to consider who would benefit from your online social matching event so you can be sure to only invite appropriate candidates. After all, you want to make sure that those you invite will have a positive experience.

Step 5: Meet with external departments

In order to host a successful online social matching event, you must collaborate with all departments. In addition to working with marketing to craft the perfect message and market your event, you must meet with your sales department to create a game plan. Looping in your sales department will ensure you have an action plan that helps you convert leads into prospects. Additionally, marketing and sales will be able to help you analyze attendance and covert attendees throughout various phases of the marketing life cycle.

Step 6: Document your meetings

When hosting an online social matchmaking event, it can be difficult to remember everything that has happened. Encouraging guests to document their meeting is a great way to make sure everyone is able to sustain their networking relationships after the meeting has ended. Alternatively, you can seek permission prior to the online social matching event and record each interaction. This will ensure everyone has access to any and all interactions after the event has ended.

Step 7: Follow-up and evaluate

It’s important to remember that there’s always room for improvement, no matter how well you think your online social matching event went. Following up with attendees after the event has finished is a great way to gain feedback that can be used to share future events. It’s also a great way to gain insights that can help you determine whether or not your event was successful or needs improvement. Not only will you be able to follow up with event attendees to understand how their experience was, but you will also be able to market upcoming events or opportunities.

Advantages of leveraging extremal platforms for your social matching event:

  1. Make success measurable for sponsors

Leveraging external tools to facilitate your online social matching event provides you with a unique opportunity to capture insights and data that are not only beneficial to you as the event host or facilitator, but also sponsors that want to be able to understand their return on investment. With the insights you derive by leveraging an external platform, you can draw conclusions for sponsors that speak to the value and success of your event. These figures can be used to answer questions like who met with whom, how many contacts were made, and what is the quality of the leads captured.

  1. Build a community around the event

Building an online community around your event can be difficult which is why it’s important to use every tool that is at your disposal. Creating an online social matching event is an excellent way to build an online community but in order to do so, you will have to host an engaging event that provides value. This can only be done by choosing the perfect platform for your social matching event.

Take your online social matching event to the next level with Remo

With Remo, you can finally create virtual events that are just as engaging as in-person interactions. This one-of-a-kind immersive virtual event and meeting platform empowers event hosts or facilitators like yourself to recreate natural interactions in any type of gatherings, including online social matching events.

Where other telecommunication tools make it possible for you to host online events, Remo empowers you to take your event to new heights by creating customized virtual environments and unlocking access to intuitive tools that level up the experience for everyone. Interested in optimizing your virtual experiences? Get started with your FREE TRIAL today or click here to learn more about how Remo can help you create the best possible experience for your guests.


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