How to Generate More Revenue With Your Virtual Events

March 29, 2022

You want to improve your virtual event’s return on investment? Here are 4 tips to make sure your virtual events generate as much revenue as possible.

1. Subscribe to affiliate and partner programs

If you’re an event agency, using partner programs will help you get the event tools you use basically for free, and even gain a new revenue stream from them.

A lot of virtual event platforms now offer partner and affiliate programs as extended partnership channels to their existing customer base. 

Usually these partner programs offer incentives for you to host your events on their platform, sometimes including either a commission, free sandbox demo account, or premium exclusive features. 

Remo’s Partner Program for example offers all of the incentives above, and more. 

Remo's agency partner program

It's important to take advantage of these programs to get the most out of the tools you use. Not only will it help you offer your clients the best possible experience with these tools, but you’ll be able to become an expert in these platforms, therefore using them at full capacity and generating more revenue for your and your clients with events that are engaging and efficient.

Grow your virtual agency through Remo’s Partner Program

2. Take advantage of sponsorships

Sponsorships are a great way to get your foot in the door with collaborators in your industry. By having sponsorships, you can provide in-event exposure to another business, while gaining revenue for their placement in your event. You can build out pricing options easily based on the platform and space you use. 

For example, with Remo you can split options up into tiers: 

Exclusive tier sponsors

  • Have their logo as a VIP table top 
  • Get a sponsor banner
  • Are included in a shoutout in presentation mode. 

Premium tier sponsors:

  • Have a branded announcement
  • Get a sponsor banner
  • Are included in a slide in presentation mode. 

Standard tier sponsors:

  • Get a sponsor banner
  • Are included in a slide in presentation mode. 

3. Sell Event Analytics to Event Exhibitors and Sponsors 

You’re probably already collecting event analytics to measure your event success, but why not use this data as a new revenue source as well? Event analytic data can be utilized by sponsors and exhibitors looking to get in front of your guest list. 

Make sure you request guests’ permission to be contacted by your sponsors and exhibitors. Remo offers a virtual networking space with lead capture analytics and in-event sponsorship opportunities that should help you do just that.

4. Sell on-demand access to your virtual event

You have a lot of registrants who can’t attend live but want the event’s recordings? Instead of just sending recordings for free or telling them they need to be there live, you can sell a different type of access for your event: an on-demand access. 

This way, everyone gets a level of access that’s catered to their needs, and you still can sell tickets to people who can’t normally join the live event. 

There you go!

With these tips you should be able to generate as much revenue as possible for your virtual event and improve your ROI tremendously. 

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