5 Online Networking Hacks to Master in 2022 and Beyond

June 28, 2021

In the last year, online networking has become more important than ever. At the end of the pandemic will events go back to physical? Probably not. Even with the rollout of the vaccine, virtual or hybrid events are still popular. Moving online has a lot of benefits:

  • Your event can attract a global audience.
  • People can network from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Virtual events are better for our carbon footprint.
  • Moving virtual reduces overheads.
  • Your guests have more flexibility by going to online events.

Some people argue that we miss out on personal experience when we move online. They believe that there is less interaction and online events are boring. But their problem is that they need to think outside the box to make their virtual event more interactive. Here are our top tips on how you can navigate networking in the virtual world. If you follow these tips, you will build more meaningful relationships with your colleagues without seeing them in person.

Use social media

Social Media is the key to online networking. Emails can easily get lost in spam or a large inbox, and let’s face it they’re a little outdated. Social media is super interactive, you can see a picture and some details about your background too which adds a personal touch. Here are some social media sites you can use to make powerful networking experiences:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a really good way to interact with other professionals. You can search for jobs but also reach out to people with similar interests to you.
  • Instagram: Instagram’s search function with hashtags makes it’s really easy to find who you’re looking for.
  • Twitter: A lot of professional people use Twitter to share opinions and ideas. Again hashtags provide an easy way to find similar people on this social media.

Don’t forget the more you post and share on social media the more attention your profile will get. Follow as many people as possible for maximum online networking opportunities.

Use Voicenotes

Nowadays, listening to things is super popular. We’re so busy that everyone is doing two things at one time. We listen to things on the go- voice notes, audiobooks, and podcasts. With our busy lifestyles people love to multi-task and voice notes allow you to listen while you finish your assignment or catch the bus. Many of the technical issues we have during video calls is not a problem when listening to voice notes. The audio is clearer because less internet is required without the camera. You can also easily relisten to the voice note if you miss out on something- what an easy online networking opportunity.

Voicenotes are also more personal than written information because you can hear the tone, accent and, expression. According to the evening herald, voice notes will help young people maintain their relationships. Voicenotes may seem less professional than a written outreach, but most virtual software has this function. For example, on LinkedIn, you can send a voice note to a potential connection which has many benefits. It’s more convenient than organizing a virtual call but more personal than a boring message.

Subtitle your videos

You might have noticed that every influencer on Instagram has added ‘captions’ to their stories when they are talking. Did you think this was unintentional? Well, it’s not- written captions or text provides a more engaging networking experience for followers. Captions give influencers the chance to add context to their video or image, they can also tag businesses or other accounts they work with. They also make your video open to more diverse groups. For example, Non-English speakers can follow what you’re saying it’s written down. Deaf or hard of hearing people can also access what you’re saying. If people are watching the video somewhere they can’t play audio they can just read along. Some video software will automatically add subtitles or captions. Just bear in mind that they might not be that accurate, so be sure to review them.

Be kind

We’ve all heard the term ‘key-board warrior’ and although we might not be trying to be rude, it can come across that way. It seems that when we are writing from behind a screen we lose some of our politeness. We forget some of the basic manners that we learned as children. Make sure to treat the person at the other end of the screen like a real person, as you would do in everyday life. Use appropriate greetings for the situation and thank them for their time. The more kindness you show, the more likely the other person will get back to you. Showing courtesy online will lead to more networking opportunities.

Attend virtual networking events

There are so many virtual events happening now where you can easily network with other people. The world is your oyster, you can attend an event anywhere in the globe from the comfort of your own home. Google some events that you would find interesting and sign up online. Many online events are cheaper than physical events, or even free. Make sure to put your camera on so the other guests can see your face. Unmute as much as possible to chat with others so that you can get to know others at the event. If you meet someone with similar interests, get their contact information for a follow-up meeting. The more virtual events you attend, the more networking opportunities you will create.

What’s next for your virtual networking?

Now that you know our tips, you’re ready. Start attending as many virtual events as you can so you can network with as many people as possible. Use these tips to build powerful connections with like-minded people. If you’d like to host your own meeting, Remo is a virtual events platform you could use. It is easy to use and will be perfect to host an interactive meeting. But don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself. We have a 14- day free trial so you can try it out without making a commitment.

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