5 Ideas that will make your Remote Meetings More Exciting!

July 19, 2021

Do you find that you’re falling asleep in your remote meetings? Of course, ‘zoom fatigue’ affects us all. We’re not used to sitting in front of a camera listening to someone speak for 8 hours a day. Sometimes, virtual meetings can bore us to tears. But don’t worry we’re here with some fun ideas to spice up your next remote meeting. The more fun you have in your meetings, the more engaged your colleagues will be. Let’s move from zero to hero by making our meetings a bit of fun!

Professional ‘never have I ever’

We’ve all heard of never have I ever, the drinking game. It might not be a good idea to take shots while you’re at work but you can play a modified version at your remote meetings. The aim of the game is to say something you have never done and the others who have done it have to hold up their hands. The more creative the question the better! Here are some question ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Never have I ever...

  • Faked a bad connection to leave a meeting.
  • Done a virtual zoom quiz.
  • Fallen asleep on a virtual call.
  • Turned my camera off in a remote meeting.
  • Done online shopping while on a virtual call.

Keep the questions going so you can share some of your virtual meeting secrets with your team.

Dress up

‘Casual Fridays’ are no longer a novelty since we’ve moved to remote working. Now we’re so used to sitting in front of a screen in our sweatpants or even pajamas. So how about we change up our remote meetings and dress up instead. You could do fancy dress or even encourage people to take out their old office attire one day a week. It’s always nice to put on your best clothes and feel good about yourself. Fancy dress is also a good idea to spice up your Friday. Dress up as...

  • Your favorite celebrity.
  • Your country's colors.
  • Yellow to brighten your day.
  • An animal

It’s always a nice idea to give a prize to the most creative outfit in your team.

The talent of the day

Ask your team members to take turns presenting their talent at the beginning of your remote meetings. It can be any talent big or small. Taking five minutes at the beginning of the meeting to present a talent will give your team a good laugh. It will also engage your colleagues by grabbing their attention before the meeting starts. Here are some talent ideas your team could use:

  • Reading a poem.
  • Signing a song.
  • Telling a joke.
  • Sharing a story.
  • Playing an instrument.
  • Create a TikTok video to share with your team.
  • Perform a magic trick.

Make sure you encourage your team by giving a good round of applause at the end of the talent. No matter how big or small every talent is appreciated.

The ‘I am awake’ sign

Ask everyone on your team to get a piece of paper and write ‘I am awake on it’. Pick someone as the designated person to keep the team awake. The elected person raises the sign during the meeting. Once they raise their sign everyone else on the remote meeting must raise it too. The last person in the meeting to raise their sign is ‘the sleeper’. This game is a good way to keep your colleagues attention on the screen during the meeting. Not only does it keep you awake, but it also provides a laugh too!

Remote show and tell

Show and tell explains itself. Your team picks something that has a story behind it, brings it to the meeting, and tells a story about it. Here are some ideas of items your team could bring to your remote meeting:

  • A photograph.
  • A piece of jewelry.
  • A remote presentation you did.
  • Something from a hobby you do.

Your team could have one person present a day. It’s a positive way to start your remote meeting while keeping your team engaged.

How do I use these ideas?

Now that you know our top 5 exciting remote meeting ideas, you’re ready for virtual meetings. These ideas are great for spicing up your remote meetings and for teambuilding. Of course, you need a virtual events platform to host remote meetings. Not all virtual event platforms are the same so make sure you select one with engaging features. At Remo, we have an engaging platform that will allow you to use these ideas. You can take a look at the product yourself with our guided tours. We also have a Free Plan so you can try our product before making a commitment.

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