5 Advantages Available When Using a Virtual Event Platform

June 23, 2021

Before we talk about advantages, let’s all get clear on what a virtual event platform is. The world of technology has been updating quicker than a flash of lightning over the past decade. Do you remember when we had to plug in our computers for the internet? Because I do and that’s a time none of us want to go back to! Just like back then, we are at a crucial changing point in our technological lives. Sure, the pandemic made us change to virtual events faster than we would have, but this change was inevitable. We only have 24 hours in a day to get everything done, so can virtual events make our lives more flexible? Of course, and that’s why we’re shifting to virtual reality. A virtual event is an umbrella term for attending some sort of organized talk or gathering online. It can be something personal like a baby shower or a corporate career fair. Virtual events take place on a virtual events platform and have many advantages for your schedule.

Some people might think that virtual events aren’t as personal as physical events, and I might have agreed with you last year. But the truth is that virtual events can be even more personal with new technology that makes the event interactive.

Our Top 5 virtual event platform advantages

The world is your oyster

If the pandemic reminded us of anything, it was the importance of people. Relationships and feeling connected to people help us to have a happy life. One of the major advantages of virtual event platforms is that they connect us to everyone in the world. In your personal world, virtual events include all your family and friends. For example, some of your family might be living in Australia and others in Europe. If you want to celebrate a family event it makes so much more sense to move it online. You can create memories online by taking screenshots or recordings and keep them forever. No need for magic, just a virtual event platform. In your corporate world, virtual events open so many doors. If you use virtual event platforms you can move your company will feel the advantages of a global company:

  • You can hire employees from anywhere in the world, giving you a more skilled workforce.
  • You don’t need to pay for a venue for your events so you can cut back on overheads.
  • You can redirect your revenue to develop other areas of your business.
  • You can market your event globally, so sell way more tickets.
  • You can ask guest speakers from any country so your event will be more diverse.

Don’t forget that so many companies are moving to virtual event platforms nowadays too, so you need to compete with them. If you stay in the past with only physical events you could be left behind by your customers.

Marketing opportunities

Marketing a virtual event is easier and more cost-efficient than physical events. An advantage of using a virtual event platform is that you can share clips of the event directly to your news feed. There is no need to organize a camera team to take videos and pictures of the event. You could post live snippets of the event or clips after to show people what they’re missing out on. As well as that, virtual events market themselves alone. They have many advantages for the guest, such as:

  • Virtual events are time efficient as you can do them from your own home.
  • They save the guests the cost of commuting to the event.
  • Online events allow everyone to attend despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Make sure you make your guests aware of the advantages of virtual events when you send out marketing emails

Increased networking opportunities

How many times have you been to a physical event and you meet someone, get talking and you share a mutual interest? But next thing you know the event starts, you get separated. You have no contact details for them so that networking opportunity is lost. That has happened to me a lot but virtual events are here to save the day. Virtual event platforms have many advantages in terms of networking. A lot of the virtual event platforms, like Remo, provide contact details for each attendee. You can hover your mouse over their picture and see who they are and get a link to their contact details. This makes networking opportunities after the event much easier. Also during the event, you can use the chat function to have one-to-one chats with guests. Smaller breakout rooms also leave room for more intimate discussions.

More Branding Options

Another advantage of virtual event platforms is that they allow you to customize your brand. Similar to a physical event, with decorations, signs, and posters, virtual events are branded too. You can use your brand colors and logo on the event home page so that your attendees associate the event with your company. This will make the event unique to you and not just a plain black and white screen. You will save money that you would have spent on physical branding by moving virtual. Also, your event will be more environmentally friendly as you won’t need to use paper for the branding. You can use your sponsors too as part of your branding so they also have a presence at the virtual event.

Better feedback collection

Virtual event platforms often have built-in systems that allow you to collect feedback easily. You can create a post-event survey for your event to see what your guests have to say. Sure, at a physical event, your guests can fill in a virtual survey but when they are already on their devices they will be more likely to take part. As well as feedback from guests, you can collect analytics from the event to see how it went. This will help you to create a budget for your next virtual event as you will know where money was well spent. Collecting feedback will be a big advantage for your next virtual event as it will help you see where your went wrong/ right. The virtual event platform will interpret the feedback for you too so you know exactly what to do. Virtual feedback is also easy to share with your colleagues.

What now?

I am sure after reading our 5 virtual event platform advantages you’re ready to move online. If you’re unsure which virtual event platform to choose, you should take a look at Remo. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can take a look at the product before making a financial commitment. Or you can sign up for a demo to see the product in action.

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